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Friday, 9 December 2011


We repair broken bones and immobility, yet we did not repair his will to go to the mosque
We cure cardiac diseases, yet we did not cure his sensitivity for what is good, and what is bad for him
We treat respiratory problems, yet we did not treat him to appreciate and be thankful of every air we breath each day
We take away gastric symptoms, yet we fail in encouraging him to fast

If we are going to fight a disease then let us fight the most terrible disease of all....


Our effort had been restricted to what we learn in lectures
Our abilities had been confined to words and sentences in the 500page books
There are still so much to do for this 
And where we stand today can never be a better place to start

The patients believe in you

They would come to your doorstep and say “Doctor, cut me open!”
Whom better to trust than a person who have guide them to better qualities of life?
So, reach your hand and share the lives of others
Share every tears, every laughter, every fantasies, every broken dreams
Open their eyes, open their heart
Welcome them to this faith that we enjoy as Muslims

Be the medicine of this sick society

So this is my message to you
You can pass your exams, graduate and
become typical doctors
In which the world are overloading with
Or you can go out of that mediocre life
Train yourself to be o
utstanding Muslim doctors
One who does not only heals the body, yet HE HEALS THE SOUL~

By: Alif Asyraff Mohd Saleh, 4th Year, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
dipetik dan diedit oleh : JAKSI

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